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Why Trust Our Family at All Year Cooling to Give Your Family a Comfortable Thanksgiving

Posted on AC Services, Blog, Community, Customer Service Reviews November 15, 2018

Thanksgiving is a time for the family to come together. Whether you’re lucky enough to have your nearest and dearest close by, or if they are coming in from out of state, you want them to feel comfortable in your home. At All Year Cooling, we understand how important that is.

Your cooling system plays a big part in making your house feel like a home, keeping you and yours at a perfect temperature. Whether it’s routine maintenance or dealing with a repair, you want to know that your contractors understand how important that is.

We’re a family-owned business, and we think that’s a big advantage over other companies. Read on to find out why.

We’re Authentic

Give us a call, and you can expect to find friendly service on the other end of the phone. We’re professional, of course, but one of the advantages of a family business is that you’re talking to people who care about what they do.

Taking care of your cooling system is in our blood – our doors have been open since 1973 and generations have grown up with an old-style commitment to customer service. You won’t get a bored customer service staffer, and your call won’t get fobbed off if it’s inconvenient. Our reputation is important and we understand that every time we get a chance to talk to you, it’s on the line.

We’re Local

We live and work in the community, so we understand it. We know where places are, and we’ve been working on systems like yours for 48 years. We know the issues that can happen to cooling systems in Florida inside out.

And because we’re a family-run business we’ve made a point of handing that knowledge down. Yes, all our staff are fully trained to meet State requirements, but they’ve also been taught all there is to know about working here, in South Florida.

We Work Together

We’re not just colleagues who have happened to join the same firm, we’re family. That gives us a greater commitment to making sure our company is a success. It’s in all our interests that the company thrives, and we can only do that by giving you the very best service.

We’re a Known Quantity

When you live and work in a place, people come to know you. When you’re going into their homes and carrying out work for them, your name is everything. We understand that, and we hope that our reputation precedes us. But just in case you haven’t met someone who’s used our services, our website, All Year Cooling Reviews shares feedback from just some of the 350,000 customers we’ve worked for over the years.

You’re Promoting Family – and So Are We!

When you choose us to help with your cooling system, you’re making sure your dollars stay right here in South Florida. They don’t disappear into the profits of a huge company, they help sustain our business that keeps local people in jobs.

And because family is important to us, we give back a percentage of our profits to Project We Care which helps to fight homelessness among Veterans.

All Year Cooling, Your Family Choice

As the holidays approach, we get ready to express our thanks for all we receive. If we can help you with your cooling system, please get in touch. And from all of us at All Year Cooling – Happy Thanksgiving!


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