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Top Turkey Cooking Tips

Posted on Blog, Holidays and Events, Tips November 16, 2016

Are you interested in cooking a turkey this Thanksgiving, but have never done it before and are worried to make a mess of things? To tilt the odds of success in your favor it’s vital to educate yourself on these turkey cooking tips:

  • 8 pounds: the worst thing you can do is not have enough turkey for everyone at the table. So make sure you buy a turkey that’s in the range of 8-12 pounds. In the event there is too much, the scraps can be just as tasty to make lunch sandwiches for the coming days!
  • Heat at 325F: generally, you need to keep the oven at a steady 325F, but do keep in mind that not all turkeys are alike, so you may have to make adjustments based on the weight.
  • Gravy: making sure the gravy is just right is an overlooked part of the Thanksgiving meal. Creating the base for your gravy is crucial. A good tip would be to use the remains from the bottom of the turkey roaster, which may include onions, apples, and celery. Squeezing these juices into a pan makes for some yummy gravy.
  • Brine: about 10 years ago, brining the turkey was popular, but it’s not mentioned as much nowadays.  A tip if you wish to brine is to soak the turkey in salted brine overnight or for 8 hours. Just make sure you do not over-brine the turkey as it will be too salty.


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