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Home Based Smart Technologies

Posted on Blog July 9, 2016

Are you interested in using smart home technologies, but are intimated by the thought of having one installed? You might have seen in the movies as an actor clap their hands and the lights turn on, or have control over 5 different house related functions using their phone. This is actually something the average homeowner can have installed in their home.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, the smart way to go is opting for a centralized system that allows for only one upgrade. As Lee Travis, owner of Wipliance in Bellevue, Washington, says: “Pick an initial feature of your home you would use the most in terms of automation, and expand from there,”

For example you could have a lighting system installed that’s controlled via a smartphone app, and later on include the functionality to open/close your garage door using the same smartphone.  These features are not only practical, but also increase your personal security. Not having to get out of the car late at night to open the garage door will make you feel more secure.

The ability to have the entire house light up remotely while not even being in the same state, or country for that matter, can help put off burglars from breaking in.


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