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Don’t Get Spooked: 5 Essential Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating with Your Kids in Fort Lauderdale

Posted on Blog, Holidays and Events October 20, 2018

Trick or treating with the family is one of the best times of the year. After all, how often do you get to dress up in fun costumes and spend a nice evening out with your friends, family, and neighbors?south florida halloween safety tips

Halloween is a chance for your child’s creativity and confidence to come out, and it’s your opportunity to be a kid again, too. But, you always have to keep safety in mind when taking the kids out and going door to door.

Here are the top 5 trick or treating tips to use this year.

1. Establish a Set of Ground Rules

The best way to protect your children once you’re walking around the neighborhood is to set clear expectations before you leave the house. Talk to your children about basic safety measures and make sure they understand why these rules are so important.

If you’re trick or treating with other families or supervising children who aren’t your own, make sure you’re on the same page with the parents.

2. Stick to the Buddy System

The buddy system is arguably the #1 rule of Halloween. But, it’s not like your children can just go running off with their buddy. It’s better to use this system as a way for all the children to hold each other accountable and look out for each other.

For example, when Bobby is paired up with Billy, they’ll both know where the other one is and remind each other to stick with the group. The buddy system prevents the whole trick or treating group from having stragglers or wanderers.

3. Keep a Count

As great as the buddy system can be, it’s still up to you to keep a count. Always make sure you have every child that you’re supposed to before moving on to another house.

This is especially important if you’re trick or treating in a car or by golf cart. You don’t want to leave anyone at a stop just because you forgot to check for them!

4. Go Somewhere You Know

Another way to stay safe on Halloween is to stay in the area you’re familiar with. There’s not much of a need to go all the way across town if you know your neighborhood does Halloween every year.

Sure, some areas may get in the spirit a little more than others. But if you plan to go to a new trick or treating spot, check it out before the night of so you know what you’re getting yourself into. Even better, ask a parent you’re close with if they’ve ever been trick or treating in that part of town!

5. Give Everyone Glow Sticks

The final way to keep all the kids safe when trick or treating is to give them all glow sticks. Think about it: there’s bound to be more than one kid who has a superhero costume on, and you need to be able to tell which one is yours at all times.

Not to mention, glow sticks make it easier for cars and bicyclists to see your child, which is helpful road safety when there are so many people on the streets.

Trick or Treating Tips to Be a Good Host

It’s one thing to know which trick or treating tips keep everyone safe when you’re asking for candy, and another to understand how to be a welcoming host as you’re passing the candy out.

Make sure your house lights are on so people know that you’re waiting to hand out candy and keep them on even when you don’t see any trick or treaters in the yard, just in case.

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