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All Year Cooling Reviews the Best Parts of Thanksgiving

Posted on Blog, Holidays and Events November 13, 2014

This year has flown by for us at All Year Cooling. With Thanksgiving just two weeks away, we’re daydreaming about the day’s feast already! And while we’re thinking about it, here’s our list of our favorite things about Thanksgiving day:

1. The food

We’re pretty sure everyone’s favorite part of Thanksgiving day is all that food! Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes…what could be better? We just have to make sure we don’t stuff ourselves with turkey so we save room for pumpkin pie!

2. Spending time with family

Thanksgiving means sitting around the table with your family. It’s a great time to bond with those who live out of town or you don’t see too often.

3. Giving thanks

It’s all in the name! Thanksgiving is when we think of how thankful we are for all we have. Whether it’s our family, our health, having time off of work, or even the great food, Thanksgiving is a great day to remember all you have to be grateful for.

4. The weather

We may be in South Florida without any Fall leaves, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t enjoying some great weather! It’s been cool, breezy and sunny, and we’re pretty sure those stuck in the snow up north are just a little jealous. After Thanksgiving, we might just head to the beach to rub it in to our northern neighbors!

5. Knowing the holidays are near

Thanksgiving is the official sign that the holidays are approaching. That means Christmas trees, caroling, presents, menorahs, and the kids home from school isn’t very far off. We can’t wait! And we’re especially excited to see the palm trees of South Florida lit up!

What are your favorite parts of Thanksgiving? Did we miss something big? Let us know!


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