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All Year Cooling Reviews Spooky Treats

Posted on Blog, Holidays and Events October 29, 2014

What makes Halloween such a fun holiday is that it can be a blast no matter what age you are. While children love Halloween for obvious reasons (candy and costumes) there’s also a lot of fun to be had for adults. Halloween gives us an excuse to throw on a goofy costume, eat candy, decorate our homes, and squeal our way through a haunted house! One of our favorite things about Halloween is all the creative and delicious treats you can make to enjoy with friends and family. Below we have shared some of our favorite Halloween treats that are not only tasty but spooky too! We have rated each treat on a scale from “Spooktastic” to “Spooktacular” with both ends of the scale being awesome.


Jell-O Worms

You can’t go wrong with Jell-o, it’s a classic! However, when you make Jell-o in the form of worms, be prepared to hear some squeals. On our scale of Spooktastic to Spooktacular, we give these Jell-o worms a Spooktacular rating!


Mini Donut Spiders

These Mini Donut Spiders are cute and tasty! We never thought the word “cute” could be used to describe a spider, but somehow this yummy treat managed to do so. On our scale of Spooktastic to Spooktacular, we give these donut spiders a Spooktastic rating!



Graveyard Pudding Cups

This is a great snack to make for your children and their friends. There are so many yummy treats that contribute to this spooky snack that it’s hard not to be delighted by the finished product. We think this treat really nailed it and for that reason we give these Graveyard Pudding Cups a Spooktacular rating.



Gooey Monster Eye Cookies

These Monster Eye Cookies look so real they’re sure to make anyone squirm. Thankfully they are delicious too! Being spooky and delicious has earned these Monster Eye Cookies a rating of Spooktacular!


Ghost Strawberries

Strawberries, white chocolate, and ghosts oh my! These frightening ghost strawberries are simple to make and are simply delicious! These Ghost Strawberries are so alarming we have to rate them as Spooktacular!


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