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3 Tips for Making the Most of Your Weekends After School Starts

Posted on Blog, Community, Tips September 15, 2017

Finding family time during the busy school year can be difficult. With work, classes, after school activities, and all the rushing about, you may feel as though you never spend quality time with your kids and your spouse. That’s why it’s important to take time out each weekend and spend it with your family. Whether you plan a whole weekend of fun or simply set aside an afternoon, you’ll appreciate slowing down and being together.

Go to Beach Park

Now that fall is here, it’s cool enough (sort of) to head to Beach Park without getting singed by the sun and missing the AC too much. Beach Park is a lovely stretch of beach where your family can enjoy a morning or afternoon of family time. Have a picnic, play volleyball, or build a gigantic sand castle.

See the Antique Car Museum

Lots of people live in Fort Lauderdale for years without ever seeing some of the best sights. Kids will love the Antique Car Museum, where you can view 22 antique cars from bygone eras. Spend a few hours as a family, marveling at how far automobiles have come and learning a few things about early engines.

Plan Family Game Nights

Your weekend family time need not focus on leaving the house. Choose one weekend night and turn it into family game night. Order your favorite take out, then sit around the table with your favorite board games. Choose classics such as Pictionary and Scrabble, or head to a local store to discover something new and exciting.

Never let life get too busy for family time, no matter how hectic the school year. Set the tradition that your family does something together every weekend. You’ll all look forward to these times when you explore Fort Lauderdale, play games together, and catch up on everything that’s happened throughout the week.


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