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1,000 Carrier Jobs to Stay in Indianapolis

Posted on Blog December 13, 2016

Carrier, a company that primarily manufactures air conditioning equipment, was recently considering shutting down a plant and moving 2,000 jobs to Mexico as a cost cutting measure. However, they made changes to this plan and are now set to keep 1,000 jobs in Indy.

The decision to keep the factory running is due to promises that incentives will be given for doing so and  the corporate tax code will be updated in order to help them stay in the US. The State of Indiana will make a deal with Carrier and perhaps this will pave the way for deals to be made with other manufacturers in the Rust Belt. Keeping hold of 1,000 jobs will make a big impact  to the state of Indiana and is a step in the right direction for its residents. Perhaps this will nudge a few more companies to follow suit and consider retaining their operations within the US.

To the credit of Carrier, when they made the announcement of closing two factories in February they did say that help would be given to the employees losing their jobs. Support would be given in the form of help getting back into education and retraining for other career paths.

At All Year Cooling, we are proud to offer a brand that is dedicated to keeping jobs in the United States and really puts their customers and staff first.


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